Biopiracy – or: how common property becomes private

Biopiracy – or: how common property becomes private An installation in the exhibition “meins?deins?unsers?” in Kunstpavillon Munich, Germany. April 14 – 25, 2010 Concept and research: Karin Ulrike Soika; implementation: Evelyn Hensgen, Eva Maria Hack, Carl Nissen and Karin Ulrike Soika → full project description

09_54 (Das heiratende Mädchen)

the image: Thunder over the lake: the image of the marrying maiden. Thus the superior man understands the transitory in the light of the eternity of the end. the judgement: The marrying maiden. Undertakings bring misfortune. Nothing that would further. Read more: bildworte: Über […]

09_36 (Die die Verfinsterung des Lichts)

the image: The light has sunk into the earth: the image of darkening of the light. Thus does the superior man live with the great mass: he veils his light, yet still shines. the judgement: Darkening of the light. In adversity it furthers one to […]

09_42 (Die Mehrung)

the image: Wind and thunder: the image of increase. Thus the superior man: if he sees good, he imitates it; if he has faults, he rids himself of them. the judgement: Increase. It furthers one to undertake something. It furthers one to cross the great […]

09_47 (Die Bedrängnis)

the image: There is not water in the lake: the image of oppression. Thus the superior man stakes his life on following his will. the judgement: Oppression. Success. Perseverance. The great man brings about good fortune. No blame. When one has something to say, it […]

09_51 (Das Erregende)

the image: Thunder repeated: the image of arousing. Thus in fear and trembling the superior man sets his life in order and examines himself. the judgement: The arousing brings success. The arousing comes-oh, oh! Laughing words -ha, ha! The arousing terrifies for a hundred miles, […]

09_05 (Das Warten)

the image: Clouds rise up to heaven: the image of waiting. Thus the superior man eats and drinks, is joyous and of good cheer. the judgement: Waiting. If you are sincere, You have light and success. Perseverance brings good fortune. It furthers one to cross […]

09_23 (Die Zersetzung)

the image: The mountain rests on the earth: the image of splitting apart. Thus those above can ensure their position only by giving generously to those below. the judgement Splitting apart. It does not further one to go anywhere. Read more: bildworte: Der Berg […]

09_55 (Die Fülle)

the image: Both thunder and lightning come: The image of abundance. Thus the superior man decides lawsuits and carries out punishments. the judgement: Abundance has success. The king attains abundance. Be not sad. Be like the sun at midday. Read more: bildworte: Donner und […]

Homage to… (gallery)

Homage to… is an installation project that examines the sources of artistic inspiration. I conceived and executed it on the occasion of Kunst in Sendling 2006. → Full project description The participants were: Andreas P. Schulz (Otto Dreßler) Barbara Keil (Maria Weiß) Elena Ilina (Friedrich […]

Homage to… Shirley Horn

We won’t forget you! Nachts… Bei der Musik von Shirley Horn fallen immer die Nächte ein: New Yorker Nächte. Regennächte. Samtene Nächte. In New York habe ich Shirley Horn’s Musik für mich entdeckt, sie, die ich für ihren Mut bewundere, sich allen ihren Gefühlen zu […]

Insulaner (gallery)

100 x 70 cm (39″ x 27″) | 70 x 100 cm (27″ x 39″), Chinese Ink/Paint/Paper, 2006, part of the “Insulaner” project

Baustelle Lenbach (Gallery)

29,7 x 21 cm (11″ x 8″), Collage/Paper, 2005, part of the “Baustelle Lenbach” project Familie Lenbach | Fürst Otto von Bismarck | Elisabeth Comtesse Greffulhe | Franz von Stuck | Miss Nensdy Ristie | Fürstin Hatzfeldt

2003: Travelling

Laughing Angel | 155 x 240 cm (61″ x 94″), Acrylic/Canvas, 2003 The Gift |155 x 190 cm (61″ x 74″), Acrylic/Canvas, 2003 Dance | 155 x 195 cm (61″ x 76″), Acrylic/Canvas, 2003 Flow | 155 x 155 cm (61″ x 61″), Acrylic/Canvas, 2003 […]


“Sati, der Abschied” (Sati , the Farewell) describes the feeling of embarking on a voyage to unknown territories. Materially the women jumps onto the pyre, but is the fire really worse than what she leaves behind? She steps through a door of fire, a short […]

Der Himmel (The Sky)

“Der Himmel, das Bett in den Wolken” (The Sky, the bed in the clouds) makes reference to the matrimonial bed – which finally will become a burning pyre, for her to reunite one last time with her husband. But the bed in the fire transforms […]

2002: Travelling

Apokalyptischer Reiter (Apocalyptic Rider) | 155 x 185 cm (60 ” x 72″), Acrylic/Canvas, 2002 Der Himmel (The Sky) | 150 x 200 cm (58″ x 77½”), Acrylic/Canvas, 2002 Der Krieg (The War) | 155 x 180 cm (50″ x 70″), Acrylic/Canvas, 2002 Kandawa | […]

2001: Travelling

Dive | 145 x 145 cm (56½” x 56½”), Acrylic/Canvas, 2001 Meeresgetier 1 | 145 x 145 cm (56½” x 56½”), Acrylic/Canvas, 2001 Meeresgetier 2 | 145 x 145 cm (56½” x 56½”), Acrylic/Canvas, 2001 Robot’s Beach | 145 x 145 cm (56½” x 56½”), […]

Dominican Republic 1996 – 1999

Cool Mother Earth | 125 x 125 cm (50″ x 50″), Oil/Canvas, 1995 Deal with God | 125 x 125 cm (50″ x 50″), Oil/Canvas, 1995 The Ricefield Painting | 125 x 125 cm (50″ x 50″), Oil/Canvas, 1995 Positive Daemon | 125 x 125 […]

New York 1993 – 1995

Indian Summer: Totem | 60 x 60 cm (24″ x 24″), Oil/Canvas, 1993 Indian Summer: Das Werben | 60 x 60 cm (24″ x 24″), Oil/Canvas, 1993 New York I | 60 x 60 cm (24″ x 24″), Oil/Canvas, 1993 Summer and Winter at the […]

Early Works 1989 – 1992

Geburt des Mars (Birth of Mars) | 122 x 127 cm (48″ x 50″), Acrylic/Canvas, 1990 Reise nach Lissabon (Voyage to Lisbon) | 137 x 117 cm (54″ x 46″), Acrylic/Canvas, 1990 See (Lake) | 137 x 117 cm (54″ x 46″), Acrylic/Canvas, 1990 Brücke […]