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“Sati, der Abschied” (Sati , the Farewell) describes the feeling of embarking on a voyage to unknown territories. Materially the women jumps onto the pyre, but is the fire really worse than what she leaves behind? She steps through a door of fire, a short […]

Der Himmel (The Sky)

“Der Himmel, das Bett in den Wolken” (The Sky, the bed in the clouds) makes reference to the matrimonial bed – which finally will become a burning pyre, for her to reunite one last time with her husband. But the bed in the fire transforms […]

2002: Travelling

Apokalyptischer Reiter (Apocalyptic Rider) | 155 x 185 cm (60 ” x 72″), Acrylic/Canvas, 2002 Der Himmel (The Sky) | 150 x 200 cm (58″ x 77½”), Acrylic/Canvas, 2002 Der Krieg (The War) | 155 x 180 cm (50″ x 70″), Acrylic/Canvas, 2002 Kandawa | […]