My language is vibrant color and line.

A LOVE Supreme | Beyond Chrysalis

2021 Even lovers need a little distance from each other now and then. And so painting - my long-time love supreme - currently recedes in order to give room to different, fascinating art projects.

[Isn't art so much more than just painting?
Maybe it is art: my love supreme?]

I believe that the motivation behind most of my activities is quite generally the pursuit of both, world and self knowledge. Painting is a path to this goal. On the long walk from an empty canvas to a finished painting there is a lot of room for thought and gaining clarity (2). And in the end I do not see any other option. I am a spiritual being - but if I hand over control to the autopilot I will move on circular paths and receive the same again and again: a distorted perception of reality, my own projection, overlaying reality (3).

2021 As part of the exhibition project Zwischenraum Sterben (see below), I realized the video project "An der Schwelle" in collaboration with Christophe Schneider. The result are 21 interviews with a total running time of almost 6 hours, in which professionals and volunteers from hospice and palliative care have their say. They talk about their work, share their experiences and wishes, and give viewers very personal insights into what they do. Details about the project and links to individual interviews can be found here: An der Schwelle

2020 Wabi-Sabi. Once again, I deeply contemplating. This time Wabi-Sabi, a concept of aesthetics closely related to Japan and Zen Buddhism. Eventually Wabi-Sabi can be best described as a way of perceiving and expressing things: Wabi-Sabi – Zen of Things. On Buddhism and Beauty.

2019/2020 Together with a team of artists, theologians and medical doctors I am currently developing Zwischenraum Sterben, a project space with exhibition and evening events.
Due to the Corona pandemic, we were not able to keep to our original time frame (25 April to 02 May 2020, Karmeliterkirche Munich). We plan to realize our the project in 2021. Please visit the project website for more information:
Communicative interaction with visitors will be one of my contributions in this exhibition. I have put my thoughts down in a short article: Polylog: A Collaborative Art Form.

2019 How is it possible that a work of art can touch us? I am an artist - of course I am interested in this question. I start my search at the concept of empathy, our human ability to "feel what others feel". But is empathy limited to just that? Or is it eventually possible that empathy is a kind of open communication channel that works in both directions?
In 2019, I gave this question some thought and wrote a text: I and You. A Reflection on the Relationship between Empathy and Art.

2018 Art and Healing. For how long has this topic been on my mind already? I would say ... for a long, long time!
In 2018, as part of my philosophy studies, I wrote a comprehensive text on the subject: Art and Healing: Criteria for Salutary Art in a Therapeutic Context.

2017 no2DO (1). Gradually I am getting satisfied with the project's completion status.
Philosophy. Is bearing fruit... For example here: Wu Wei. An Approximation..
Collage. Yes, I actually explore a new medium. Or rather a new way to use it. In collages: Catalyst

2015 Philosophy. Another love supreme of mine. (Actually not even that hard to guess, with paintings entwined with abundant thought...)
Now I want to know... and I got myself enrolled for philosophy. There is a strong sense of home (due to content). Sometimes bewilderment (due to top-heavy escapism).

2013 Sometimes I do not work at no2DO (1). And give pictorial home to my thoughts on flight, expulsion and xenophobia: in the series Fremd in der Fremde [Stranger in a Foreign Land] (4).

2011 My research regarding no2DO (1) absorbs me. Besides traditional sources of Chinese wisdom I study literature on TCM and classical acupuncture. no2DO is growing.

2010 Occasionally, but with joy, I elaborate installations on political issues as, for example, in the project Biopiracy - or how public property becomes private property (5). Biopiracy is a process where more and more patents are granted on the common property, such as the commercialization of traditional medicines etc. As the topic is quite complex it receives only little echo in the media.

2009 I finally hand the apple of criticism back; yes, it is true, "The Social History of the modern artist is that of a spiritual being in physical world fixated on material possession." (6) However I do not consider it as my personal challenge to change this. Just after my personal art-market-crisis I throw myself into a huge and profound project: a contemporary interpretation of the I Ching. In addition to a poetic approach through painting (7), (8) there is now an extensive intellectual part: an oracle game with its own interpretation model based the 5-Element-Theory (1).

Beyond Chrysalis: A Responsive Universe

2007 For almost two years I am frozen like a deer in the headlights of the art market and concern myself with questions like Art or Luxury (9), Art and Kitsch (10), Art and Money (11). Of course I also find answers: artistic ones (What is Art? (12)) and feminist ones (A new Lilith: about letting go (13)).

And I meet a man, right after Polyamournesia (14).
As an answer to my personal Kōan "Tu mi tu..." (15)...
A tender agitator... (16)

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