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Hommage an...

We invited all visitors to the installation Homage to... also to reflect upon the sources of their inspiration and to communicate them to us. Many of them cooperated, you can find the exhibition's introductiory text and visitors' statements in the following.

And who Inspires YOU?

When inviting my artist colleagues to participate in the Homage to... project, I asked the following questions:

  • Who influences me?
  • Who or what inspired me to make a certain work or body of work, where from did the idea derive?
  • Which books influenced me, which music, which movies?
  • Which other artists are (or simply: people) do I consult (and be it in thoughts only) if I am caught up for a moment, cannot move on, am lost within a work - and all of a sudden: things lighten up again?

However: "to be inspired" is more than just a phenomenon that happens to artists only. Inspiration happens to everybody. Thus our question: WHO INSPIRES YOU?

  • Who encourages you?
  • Who strengthens you, to live your life, to do you work ?
  • Who gives you orientation?
  • Who serves you as an example?

Sometimes it is people - however sometimes it is also places, things, nature. Sometimes it is a source of inspiration that is important to many people. But sometimes it is seemingly: insignificant, unpretentious, of importance only for yourself.

We Received Many Answers...

Here some answers our visitors gave us:

Homage to Romy Schneider... ... she, who knew no other condition... than: high with joy or deathly... depressed...

I like Karl Valentin (Valentin Frei) because he was a very weird guy, just as myself.
Regards, Peter

Homage... to the new day! It should be beautiful, full of joy and light! Filled with quietness, with harmony and happiness. Shaped by creative power and inspiration

homage to pieris world-best pastries, that from now an will sweeten our lives... mmmmmmhmmmm

Homage to Rainer Werner Fassbinder.. Cheers Rainer, we'll see us in any case! In eternal love, Gertraud

The simple guards the secret of the permanent and great - wrote Martin Heidegger in "Der Feldweg".
Werner F., Munich

Homage to the Dalai Lama... who possesses great depth of insight and experience and is never shaken by indignation...

paul pas
The day is (never) without me.

My homage is to... the desire and joy to live, that must accompany the smile of every day... and the sun who shines in the sky

Homage to Mrs. aitzenkolb. [he] who stores his bicycle in the correct manner, is to say down-the-ramp and not too close to the conifers, will encounter relaxing residential culture, will be able to live it in a pure form, will be promoted by brunner and pampered by the superintendent in all days.

a homage to Georg Baselitz

Homage to the typewriter. The resistance of its keys - contrary to those of the keyboard - shows us: art is work.

Homage to the Shilling [Austrian currency prior to the Euro]: I miss you. now everything is just more expensive, more universal and interchangeable - perhaps that is a retro point of view, maybe I am just nostalgic.

Do adults also loose a shoe in the sea sometimes, the little son said to his mother around six in the morning and then just kept on sleeping.

My mama is lovely! And I am naughty...

My language is vibrant color and line. by Karin Ulrike Soika
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